First fame!

Picked up a voicemail message a couple of weeks ago and was pleasently surprised to hear the voice of Paul Wager, Editor of Classic car buyer and formally a writer for Total BMW. Paul was asking if he could come down and review one of our cars for the tried and tested feature of the Easter special of classic car buyer. 

I met Paul in the picturesque village of Rendcomb in our lovely 525e super eta. Paul as it turns out, is a devout E28 fan (which I didn't know until I got there so was quite pleased with the car I'd chosen to take down), we had some great conversations about some of his old E28's and he seemed to genuinely enjoy being behind the wheel of our super eta. Here is a scan of the article he wrote and published despite being at pains to say that the article would be about the car not Classic Bahnstormers, It was therefore faltering to see he'd been very complimentary after all.