Purchase Price £5000

E23 732i · BurgenRoT METALLIC  · 141k 

My personal pride and joy is in fact an E23 732i which I have owned since I was at college. They are in my opinion the single most underrated car that BMW ever produced. Technologically advanced and with a superior build quality to both the E24 and the E28. The often over looked and largely obscure 1st generation 7 series is the last of the 80’s iconic shark nose cars to gain precedence. As large engined E28’s begin to get both harder to find and more expensive to buy, E23’s may finally get the recognition they deserve.

This particular car is nearing completion after some light bodywork, general recommissioning and replacing the tired interior with what can only be described as the inside of a G-plan show room. It is a well known car and googling BMW E23 732i will bring up pictures of this actual car (Including the one I have used above). I have been conscious of its movements and changes of ownership for many years now. I was delighted when classic BMW spares in Northampton contacted us and asked if we’d like the chance to partner up on reinstating this fine automobile to the road we jumped at the chance.

The car will be ready in a mater of weeks, at which point I will update this advert but please feel free to contact us to register interest or ask questions in the mean time.