Purchase Price £7000

E28 528i lux · Bahama BEIGE METALLIC  · 69k 

This stunning early 1984 528i se was sold new to an engineering firm in Ilfracombe. The car remained there until 1986 when it was sold to a Mr R Maclean of Plymouth who would be the custodian of this fabulously original car until 2015, when after a period of storage it was recommissioned and traded into a Subaru dealer in Buckfastleigh near Totnes, Devon. It was bought by a local BMW enthusiast who also ended up putting it more or less straight into storage. This car had never been registered outside of Devon until we acquired it at the end of August this year (2018).

This superb 528i is in lovely condition. I am always very careful not to use the words perfect as, after all, these are 30 plus year old cars, however there are elements of this car which really are bordering on perfection. All the chrome, all of the interior including the dashboard and most of the work we have done has been to bring the bodywork of this car in line with the rest of it. Unfortunately some of the original bolt on panels had suffered previous repairs which had been done with a short term view. We decided ultimately that as the body, interior and mechanics were so good, it would be worth replacing the damaged panels and having the whole car from the windows down resprayed in matching Bahama Beige. We fitted 3 good used doors, boot lid and a brand new genuine BMW front wing which where all rubbed right back, primed and then painted inside and out. We made some small welding repairs to the rear wheel arches and ensured the remaining panels were rust free. The whole car was then thoroughly buffed and as you can see the results are magnificent. The quality of the paint on this car really does the wonderful colour justice and has gained nods and comments of approval wherever we have taken it.

The interior of the car features time warp condition brown herringbone patterned seats which show virtually no signs of wear or sagging. The door cards are free of sags which is common with the herring bone pattern upholstery and the carpets are still soft and plump. The interior is a wonderful place to be with a perfect crack-free dash and original Blaupunkt Cambridge tape player. The interior is tight and sturdy, lacking the squeaks and rattles that often befall these cars as various pieces are removed and refitted throughout their lives. When the car first arrived it had a few issues in terms of equipment: the central locking didn’t work and the instrument cluster had failed, which is common on the E28 model Both of these issues have now been rectified. Neither of the rear electric windows would respond to the controls but these have now been serviced and glide up and down effortlessly.

Mechanically the car was in relatively fine fettle, as the previous owner had diligently replaced a lot of the service items such as distributor cap, rotor arm, spark plugs, HT leads and drive belts. The car was suffering from high idle and over fuelling, as the idle screw had been adjusted to overcome an air leak caused by a crack in the air slider control hose. This has been replaced with a new hose from BMW and the idle reset to factory settings. The car now idles perfectly and is no longer over fuelling. We have also replaced the air flow meter after finding the original sticking during hard acceleration causing the car to bog down and lose power. The original down pipes had such a bad blow the car sounded like a messerschmitt! The exhaust had been cobbled together a bit from some ill fitting pattern parts so we took the decision to replace the whole system. With these issues properly rectified the engine now idles smoothly and delivers plenty of power throughout the rev range. This car also has one of the smoothest automatic transmissions I have come across. All the fluids have been changed including engine oil and the coolant system has been thoroughly flushed and refilled with fresh coolant and the thermostat and water pump changed as well as a new viscous fan coupling being fitted.

The car wafts along effortlessly and feels tight and exacting to drive. We have replaced the rear subframe bushes as these were worn and causing a clunk under hard acceleration, as well as the upper control arm bushes which were tired and causing the car to shimmy at 55mph. We have also been through the braking system as a precaution and changed the rear brake pads as these were low. Both front pads and discs have been changed recently and the rear discs are in good shape.

Overall this is an excellent car with good history, low owners and low milage in nice original condition. The repairs we have made have been sympathetic and to the highest standard. The car drives effortlessly and is smooth, powerful and refined. The bodywork and trim are rust free and the interior is also in superb condition. As a weekend cruiser or something a little different to arrive to the office in, this fabulous car with its luxurious Bahama Beige paintwork certainly turns heads.