Alpine white E28 525e PFEBA boby kit

Purchase Price £6000

E28 525e Switchable sports automatic · alpine white · 83k

This superb super ETA is in astounding condition, I am always very careful not to use the words perfect as after all these are 30 plus year old cars, however there are elements of this car which really are boarding on perfection. All the chrome, all of the interior including the dashboard and the bodywork on this car is pristine.  

Low owners, low millage and tons of service history make this a very attractive car. Super ETA's combine the cruiser low compression M20 B2.7 engine with the switchable ZF 4HP 22 sports automatic transmission to deliver a torque economical drive but with the gearing to turn it into a little racing car when the situation calls for it. The best of both worlds. 

The car was ordered new by a double glazing company in East Anglia, who had the PFEBA kit and M5 spoiler fitted at the dealer. The car then past into the ownership of an M.A Brown who owned the car most of its life until 2015 when it was sold to a Mr Dwyer from whom we acquired it. 

This is without doubt the best example of an E28 we've ever had and after a little titivation to correct the MOT advisories it will be up for grabs. Please form an orderly cue.