BMW E28 for sale 520i auto

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E28 520I Automatic · Royal Blue METALLIC · 109k

FLO as the car has become affectionately named came to us as part payment when with a heavy heart my girlfriend decided to sell her 525e. The full story and pictures of the recommissioning process can be found in the newest instalment of our blog 

FLO is lovely, (please note that the mirrors have been permanently dyed black since the photos were taken). A great practical classic, low mileage, has lovely royal blue metallic bodywork and good chrome bumpers. The body is very straight, with all the normal areas of concern having been addressed. The bodywork shines up beautifully and this lovely dark, almost purply metallic blue makes the car seem very smart indeed. It sports a set of 15 inch BMW alloys complete with 4 new matching continental tyres. 

In case you have not read the blog post (which is strongly suggested) FLO originally arrived having undergone a partially completed engine conversion. The original engine had suffered a head gasket failure, and rather than repair or replace the original 2.0 litre engine the owner decided to try fitting a bigger 3.4 litre engine. I MUST STRESS, we have returned the car completely to stock and have refitted a low mileage (107k) 2.0 litre engine but this is a replacement engine, not the original engine. We have the full history and complete paper trail for the replacement engine which can go with the car. 

Engine and drive train. 

This car is equipped with a M20b20 2.0 litre engine which has covered 107k. It's a lovely quiet engine which pulls well and delivers a nice cruiser experience. We have been though the engine and fitted a new thermostat, water pump and timing belt kit as well as a distributor cap and a set of spark plugs. The automatic gearbox shifts up and down smoothly and feels tight and strong. All the fluids including coolant, engine oil, gearbox oil have been replaced and the differential oil checked.

We have also been through the brakes and suspension of this car. Its had new front discs and pads, new flexible brake lines, new solid rear lines and all four brake callipers have been stripped and cleaned and the brake fluid renewed. The rear axle carrier bushes have been replaced along with the rear camber limiters so this car brakes and drivers superbly. 


The bodywork on this car is pretty clean but it's not up to Classic Barnstormers' normal high standards. The rear arches, front wings and three of the doors are rust free but unfortunetly the front near side door and sunroof panel have begun to rust. The rust on the door is limited to the inner skins and cannot be seen unless the door is open. The sunroof panel has a small blister on the outside but from the inside it is evident it will need replacing eventually. There are some scratches and other small imperfections but on the whole the car is straight with original paint and extremely presentable. The reason for not addressing these issues is simply that the car is at it's money. It represents excellent value for money and is solid, presentable and reliable but in order for it to have been a viable restoration we where not able to get it quite as perfect as we would normally like. The shell was simply to good not to save and return to the road so we feel that we have come to the best compromise by leaving a little work for someone else to enjoy fettling. 

The body was very good to begin with but whilst the rear axle was out some preventative maintenance was carried out in those hard to reach areas including tidying up the rear inner sills and the axle mounts. The jacking points have been addressed, mainly tidying up surface rust and one small hole repaired to a very high standard. The car has also had new front battery trays both side although this was carried out by a previous owner they are solid and the welding was done to a high standard. 


The car has a dark blue velour interior which is in nice condition. When it first arrived the font seats had been replaced with seats from a later model. We have managed to track down a set of matching front seats so the interior now matches. The dash cluster has been repaired so all the gauges are fully functioning as are all the other electrics in the car. The heater is also fully functioning and blows both hot and cold air. 

All in all this car represents an excellent practical classic which would be perfectly at home performing as either a daily driver or a weekend toy. It is smooth, reliable and full of character. We've done all the hard work to ensure that this car will remain on the road for many years and serve its new owner faithfully and without any issue, but there are a few pleasant little jobs if anyone is so inclined and wants to take FLO to the next level.